BogRealmsMC Rules

In order to provide a safe and fun environment for our entire community, we have a few rules for all our worlds and our server itself.
We expect all players and staff to comply with the rules in order to enhance your gaming experience with us. By playing on BogRealmsMC, you agree to follow all the rules at all times and rule breakages will result in severe punishments indicated below.

Last Updated: February 21, 2019
Severity Definitions
Here are the different punishments for the various severities. Some rules may not have a severity level; instead the punishment of the offence will be stated.
Alternative "Alt" Accounts: If your main account has been banned on our servers and you choose to use an alternative account, the "alt" account must obey all server rules in order to continue to remain on the server. Any rule breakage infractions may result in an automatic severity 5 punishment (pernament ban). Using a "alt" account to beg/ask our server staff to unban the main account will not persuade us to unban any account. All banned players must submit a ban appeal in order to be considered.
Global Server Rules
1. In-Game Chat  
A) Chat Spamming or ALL CAPS (including aLtErNaTiNg ALL CAPS) Severity 1 (May result in mute after warnings)
B) Advertising or giving away personal information Severity 3 (May result in mute after warnings)
C) Bullying or Inappropriate chats Severity 3 (May result in mute after warnings)
D) Offensive Language Severity 2 (May result in mute after warnings)

2. In-Game Behaviour
Any player found doing the following:
A) Bullying or Trolling Players Severity 3
B) Harrasing Staff Member(s) Severity 3
C) Threating, Bribing and Blackmailing players and staff Severity 3
D) Unreported and Unauthorized Gamemodes Report to Staff Member or it's considered Severity 5
E) Exploitation of Bugs and Errors Report to Staff Member or it's considered Severity 5

3. Ranks and Unbans
A) Rank Begging/Requesting or Unban Begging Severity 1

The Co-owners and Owners of BogRealms Minecraft Server have the final word.

Creative World Rules
Expected Gamemode: Creative (Access to other gamemodes are permitted)

4. Plot Creative  
A) Plot Wasting (Claiming multiple empty plots for the sake of claiming) or Lava-Filled Plots. Owned plots will be resetted
B) Griefing or Raiding Plots. Severity 5

5. Plot Builds
A) Lag Machines. Severity 2 (Plot Reset after warnings)
B) Builds that are deemed racist, negative religious remarks or sexually explicit. Severity 2 (Plot Reset after warnings)
C) Builds that are used to abuse players. Severity 3 (Plot Reset after warnings)
D) TNT Testing, Nuke testing or cross plots tnt fire fight. Severity 3 (Plot Reset after Warnings)
E) AFK Preventers or AFK Circle Fountains are not permitted Severity 2
Survival World Rules (Applies to both New Survival and Legends Survival)
Expected Gamemode: Survival Only
6. Survival World  
A) Griefing, Raiding and Stealing properties/items that does not belong to you Severity 4 (Severity 5 if severe)
B) Property Invasion (includes crop and mob stealing) or shared space hoarding Severity 4 (Severity 5 if severe)
C) Hostile Mob Griefing (Using a hostile mob to intentionally destroy someone else's property) Severity 4 (Severity 5 if severe)
D) BogBucks scamming or deception to deprive player(s) of money or possessions Severity 2
E) Random player killing (PVP is permitted only if fighting/defending player(s) approve) Severity 3
F) AFK Preventers or AFK Circle Fountains are not permitted Severity 2
G) Use of prohibited mod clients Refer to Mod Client Guidelines below

Mod Clients

Players may only use “mods” (modification) clients that are approved by the BogNations team. The use of any other kinds of mods not listed below is considered cheating and is a bannable offence.

7. Approved Mod Clients  
  • In-game info-only Mods (Armour Status, Effect Status, Coordinates etc.)
    Info mods that help give players a gameplay advantage are NOT permitted.
  • Optifine (RECOMMENDED)
  • Shaders Mod that only enhances gameplay visuals
  • Capes Mod
  • 3D Blocks Mod
  • Gameplay animations enhancements
  • Any mods that do not affect gameplay or provide player advantages
  • Controller Mods (Mods that allow the use of gameplay controllers)
  • Replay/Gameplay recording mods (ie. 360 AR/VR recording mods)
  • Minimaps only showing the most top layer and nothing else. No entities, dungeons or cave systems.

8. Prohibited Mod Clients
  • X-Ray or Chest Tracing (includes resource pack)
  • Stronghold/Dungeon Tracking
  • Damage Indicators
  • AFK (prevents AFK or timeout)
  • Fly or No Fall Damage
  • Showing Contents of Chests (including locked chests)
  • Item spawning
  • Auto Repair/Auto Armour
  • Auto Click or Fast Clicker or Macros
  • Invincibility
  • Aimbot or Anti-knockback
  • Regeneration
  • Mini-Maps
and more....
Severity 5
Nickname/Item Naming Rules
9. Nicknames  
Any nicknames or item names with:
  • Names that harm or intentionally mocks a player, server, network or others
  • Names that is sexually inappropriate and/or contains hateful words and slurs
  • Names that promotes terrorist propaganda
  • Names that contains titles that refer to or potentially refer to sexual, racist, derogatory terms, offensive material, inappropriate swear words or language.
  • Names that consists of multiple admins and staff on the server (nickname)
  • The word or name ‘BogRealms’, ‘BogNations’ and ‘Bog’ (nickname)
  • Names containing random changing characters
  • Names impersonating other players, famous players, YouTubers or staff members (nicknames)
  • Names all in the COLOUR RED (Bolded or not). (Unless Staff; only for nicknames)
  • Nicknames containing a staff rank or helper. (Ex. Staff_USERNAME or Helper_USERNAME)
Warning and Force Nickname Change
Minigame World Rules

(Spleef, Mob Arena, Parkour, Ender Games etc.)


Moderator Rules BogShop Guidelines

By purchasing anything from our server shop, you agree to all Terms and Conditions of BogNations, Enjin and the BogShop. If you do not abide the terms and conditions, do not make the purchases. Any payment to BogRealms Minecraft Server is a payment for the virtual items, ranks and features contained in the purchase. Refund requests due to issues concerning lag, game glitches, or any other issues are subject to the discretion of the BogNations owners. All items are virtual and have no real-cash value. No cash exchanges will be made for selling your virtual items on our server. By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions and rules, you are stating:

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