BogShop: Unlock Legacy

Legacy. The ultimate rank of BogRealmsMC.


Our highest rank given to veteran players of BogRealmsMC and is not obtainable through regular gameplay or paid membership. This rank indicates that the player has been on the server for some period of time, and contributed greatly to the platform and server.

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Why do I have to login?
Our Minecraft server is connected with our site and your online accounts. By logging in, we can easily retrieve your eligibility status.

How to unlock Legacy

  1. Sign up for an account on our BogNations site.
  2. If you are eligible, we will send you a secret code to unlock the rank.
  3. Head to this page and click the 'Unlock Rank' button
  4. Enter the secret code under 'Coupon Code' at checkout and enter your Minecraft IGN.
  5. Once the unlock is successful, please give us up to 24-48 hours to confirm your identity and you will recieve the Legacy rank.

Do you have a code? Unlock it here!

Unlock Rank

If you have not recieved your code yet, please contact BogNations Support to see if you are eligible.

Terms of Upgrade

Upgrading to the legacy rank does not give you immunity to server mute, jail, temporary ban and pernament ban. If you break any rules, abuse your rank or take advantage of your rank to solely harass other players, your legacy rank will be taken away without question. If your rank is taken away, you will not recieve a second chance or an appeal to get it back. Rank is not transferrable. Failure to properly use the secret code will result in a termination of rank and the access code.